Ready to make good on those healthy living resolutions? 

Get the done-for-you template that makes setting wellness goals easy and motivating!

how to develop healthy habits that stick

This quickstart guide will give you:

  • The foundational principals you NEED to have in place in order to be successful in achieving your goals
  • Goal setting worksheet to plot your goal from start to finish
  • 40 easy to implement healthy habit ideas for diet, fitness, and wellness to get you started
  • Healthy goals planning sheet
  • Self-commitment worksheet
  • 4-week habit tracker

Hi, I'm Liane!

I'm the blogger and coach behind Holistically Minded and the lady offering this fantabulous freebie.

I'm passionate about all things health, wellness, and fitness. My aim is to inspire and motivate other women on their holistic living journeys by sharing simple daily habits and providing support for achieving your health and wellness goals.

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